Friday, 24 August 2012

Thesis Boot Camp Anyone ? Shut Up and Write

The best Phd blog in the universe is obviously the Thesis Whisperer who has developed fantastic idea  for research students, Shut Up and Write meetings held in RMIT Cafes or thereabouts....the idea started in San Francisco where writers met together to chat, drink coffee, then 'time-box', keeping quiet for 45 minutes until the next break....I notice the library at UTS has started doing it and that Melbourne Uni has also done Thesis Boot Camps....

Seems a perfect idea to mediate against the isolation of writing AND procrastination...

Im flagging the idea for QRIP too, but with some of the breaks for consultation about the writing of qual research, with academics but also between students....in situ group problem solving...Ive sent an email out to all members, lets see what happens

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