Saturday, 6 October 2012

Writing Up...

Just a quick post to share this article by Ron Chenail about writing up...it covers so many of the things we have been talking about recently but really puts the turbo on the creativity and number of options availalbe to us in writing up

Here The Qualitative Report, Volume 2, Number 3, December, 1995(http://www.nova.edu/ssss/QR/QR2-3/presenting.html)

Some quotes to reinforce the points:

“I write in order to learn something that I didn’t know before I wrote it…not to write until I knew what I wanted to say, until my points were organized and outlined… this static writing model coheres with mechanistic scientism and quantitative research… It ignores the role of writing as a dynamic, creative process….(Richardson L. 1990)

“Writing-up qualitative research inevitably results in the emergence of new ideas and ways of viewing the data and hence plays a crucial role in the analysis process.”(Pitchforth et al. 2005)

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