Friday, 17 April 2015

New Journal: Qualitative Psychology

I was very excited today to discover that the American Psychological Society is publishing a new journal entitled Qualitative Psychology. This is a fantastic moment for qual researchers in the field and will go a long way towards further cementing our place in the field.

This article (free online) is especially interesting, explaining the various stages the approach has gone thru, from the early case studies of Freud, to the development of established methods in the 50's, the post-modern turn in the 70's and 80's and recent (tentative) beginnings of institutional acceptance of qual methods, a project we are still working very hard on.

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  1. This article was great.

    It's a real shame to see that despite the historical influence that qualitative inquiry has had in the field of psychology, qualitative methodology was still omitted in some of modern psychology's most seminal work (i.e. Kohlberg's work on moral reasoning). This is particularly ironic to me, given that a subject like morality is underpinned by subjective experience and thus seems more suited towards qualitative inquiry in the first place.