Thursday, 19 July 2012

Paper Alert:Barry (1999) Using Reflexivity to Optimize Teamwork in Qualitative Research

HERE is a great paper, an old one, on use of team work in qualitative research that supports our collaborative coding parties in QRIP!

"Multidisciplinary teams, in particular, result in a broadening of possibilities in
the research: “A multi-faceted investigation can yield more information and be
more exciting than one which is restricted to a single mode of knowing” (Riesman &
Watson, 1964, p. 286). Multidisciplinary teams bring together people whose training calls on highly diverse assumptions and different knowledge bases (Opie,
1997). A team can draw on all the “fore-understandings” of individual members
about the area being researched, giving a wider base from which to explore the data."

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