Thursday, 21 May 2015

ICQI Day Two: New Ways of Doing Research

Today I went to two long workshops, one on narrative inquiry and one on triangulation. Things really started to come together in terms of what I need to change, as a researcher and a supervisor. Here is my current thinking;
1. We need to include clear ontological, epistomological and personal statements in our methods sections. No more hiding
2. Introductions, methods, results and discussions can all include the reflective voice of the researcher, how we have approached the question and thinking. If we silence ourselves it should be done by choice not by default.
3. I can no longer do thematic analysis or grounded theory on new projects. Time to grow.
4. Analysis can have two levels a. Descriptive or rather phenomenological, b. Transformative, or rather related to theory or triangulated across a variety.
5. The next series of studies I do will be dedicated to working with, witnessing, marginalised voices...not as a predation, but via participatuon.
6. Sabbatical 2017. Time to do my own study rather than leave it to students. Possibly around student personal narratives becoming therapist, leaving fundamentalism narratives accross religions, effects of diagnosis on depression, Ect.


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