Wednesday, 20 May 2015

ICQI2015: Highlights of Day 1

Today I attended the fifth Psychology meeting for qualitative researchers. It was pretty amazing to meet thirty people all with similar concerns to me.
The highlights:
1. A growing realisation that I am way behind on understanding theory in Psychology. Thomas Teo gave a wonderful overview, especially on the ontological crises in our field and the dominance of the rational machine model in quant research.
2. I need to follow up the work of Ian Hacking on how diagnosis has a looping effect, creating on the diagnosed the fulfilment of its aims, a form of self-pathologising that confirms the medical model.
3. That I have no idea what post-humanism and the new materialism is and must find out at a talk tomorrow
4. That psychology can be a problem creator, psychologising socially derived issues rather than a problem solver
5. That epistomologically the best journals may be the least progressive
6. Teaching qualitative research, flipped, can involve actually doing a mini project, interviewing and coding, but must also include a history
7. Heather Adams gave some very clear examples on how to write ourselves into the research rather than being invisible

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