Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Notes From International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry 2015 Champagne Illinois 1: Empathy and Research

For the next few days I am attending this conference and will blog some of my own thoughts each evening as I try and synthesise what I have heard. This is my own way of keeping track, I'm unsure how useful it will be to others.
In the last few days, sightseeing in Chicago, alot of pieces of the puzzle of qual research in psychology have been coming together for me more generally...here are the things I've been thinking about, while shopping, at the Art Gallery, running around the city etc....it's my own internal dialogue.
1. I've figured out that phenomenology implies empathy. Interpretative phenomenology is the study of how people make meaning of their own lives, the dialogue they have with themselves...listening in as a researcher implies intersubjectivity.
Intersubjectivity and the Dialogical imply a meeting "of hearts" just as therapy can involve a " heart to heart"..this occurs when two people "mean it", ie: pass through beyond the superficial and Co-construct meaning. This requires Anderson and Goolishans Not Knowing.
2. Narrative inquiry becomes empathic when we witness the participants inner dialogue. interpersonal Process Research captures this too.
3. Grounded theory, while pilloried can also be saved through engagement with symbolic interactionism and phenomenology.
4. We should first ground our analysis empathically or  phenomenologically, or rather recognise the intersubjective before going on to apply theory, such as how the phenomenon is socially derived or how the talk relates to metanarratives.

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