Monday, 14 May 2012

BrilliantReads: Minichiello & Kottler's (2010) Qualitative Journeys

Whats the best Qualitative book you've read ?
One that inspires and is written in a practical way ?
...here's mine,

Minichiello & Kottler's (2010) Qualitative Journeys: Student and Mentors Experiences with Research...

This is an invitation to make your research endeavor personal, not in terms of auto-ethnography but in terms of recognizing that doing qualitative research has the potential to actually change your own beliefs and way you think about life...this book firmly places the person of the researcher at the heart of the endeavor and demonstrates how, through struggle and collaborative dialogue, the researcher comes to find his own voice through the process of doing research. Reading this book  is liberating and reminds you, or causes you to reflect on, this critical dimension in doing qual research....it's more than an academic enterprise.

Its a particularly novel approach to demonstrating the nuts and bolts of qualitative methods...there are heaps of chapters each telling the story of a piece of research from the students perspective with excellent commentary from the authors throughout about wider lessons..in terms of nuts and bolts the book covers every aspect of the endeavor including design, interviewing analysis, writing up and a wide range of methodologies. There is also lots about the student-mentor relationship, fostering respectful and transparent relationships.

If your going to buy one qualitative book get this one!!

  • 1.The Personal Nature of Qualitative Research / Victor Minichiello / Jeffrey A. Kottler
  • 2.An Overview of the Qualitative Journey: Reviewing Basic Concepts / Jeffrey A. Kottler / Victor Minichiello
  • 3.Locating and Understanding Voices in Narrative Inquiry: A Journey of Discovery / Helen Edwards / Myfanwy Maple
  • 4.Radical Reflexivity in Qualitative Research / Victor Minichiello / David Leary / Jeffrey A. Kottler
  • 5.An Epidemiologist learns Grounded Theory / Jeffrey A. Kottler / Kiran Regmi
  • 6.When Serendipity Meets Opportunity: Qualitative Dimensions of Teacher Perceptions / LeAnn C. Putney / Connie L. Malin
  • 7.Online Dating and Mating: Methodological and Personal Reflections on Our Journey / Pranee Liamputtong / Danielle Couch
  • 8.Student, Supervisor, Researcher, Researched: Relationships and the Qualitative Research Journey / Wendy Hu / Carol Crbich
  • Contents note continued: 9.Exploring the Meaning and Function of Music in the Lives of Older People / Terrence Hays / Victor Minichiello
  • 10.Through My Eyes: Conducting Research as a Vision-Impaired Researcher / Alison Sheridan / Theresa Smith-Ruig
  • 11.Encounters With Comforting Uncertainties: Understanding Unobtrusive Methods / John Scott / Raymond Donovan
  • 12.A Transgender's Qualitative Journey: Deconstructing Gender-Based Social Opprobrium / Dana L. Comstock / Stacee Reicherzer
  • 13.Lessons From My First Focus Group Project / Suzanne Lunn / Larry Smith
  • 14.Discourse Analysis: Effects on the Researcher / Pol Dominic McCann / Victor Minichiello
  • 15.Integrating Theory and Method to Promote Social Change: Young Women and Physical Activity / Heidi Gilchrist / Gerard Sullivan
  • 16.Focus Group Methodology: Being Guided on a Journey From Novice to Expert / Jane Phillips / Patricia Davidson
  • Contents note continued: 17.Prominent Themes and Lessons Learned / Victor Minichiello / Jeffrey A. Kottler.

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