Sunday, 13 May 2012

The Zone: Olympic Video Based on Qualitative Methods

Qual methods go Hollywood, or at least London Olympics!

Check out this great video the Zone supported by the British Psychological Society's Qualitative Methods in Psychology...

Video Installation by David Bickerstaff 
Made in collaboration with Victoria Tischler

The phenomenon of the zone or flow refers to a state of athletic peak performance, likened to a transcendent, ecstatic condition of effortless yet focussed and optimal functioning. Qualitative data represents in-depth textual and visual information gathered from individuals to facilitate understanding ofexperience and process. In this project we focus on the interaction between mental processes and physical performance and map it onto a series of filmed journeys through various athletic landscapes - sports apparatus, running tracks, water-courses and other spaces. The relationship between the athletes’ testimony and the architectural void in which they perform, triggers a construct that allows us to explore the poetics of athletic experience.   

Voiced by Mia Austen and Steven Edwards

This project is supported by the British Psychological Society - Qualitative Methods in Psychology

The Zone from David Bickerstaff on Vimeo.

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