Monday, 28 May 2012

Politics? Should We Play the Game or Resist

I've been thinking alot about what we should do when we butt our heads up against the ugly politics of evidence in our relationships with out more quantitative colleagues...do we resist, rebel, become indignant or bend over backwards but get the job done....my view is that there has to be a middle ground, one based, in the first place on a healthy respect for both the value of empirical research but also on a healthy respect for our own epistomology....both of us are right so let the fun begin? We need to avoid the unecessary polarising of our positions

The problem comes, of course, when only one party is playing generously....it may be that we are that party, taking a holier than thou position, or that the hardcore scientists are demeaning qualitative research....my experience is that both can occur pretty much equally and that playing the victim never helped anyone...

What's been your experience? Am i naive?

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