Thursday, 28 June 2012

Don't Be a Messenger Boy/Girl: Independence in Research Relationships

Was involved in a meeting today to design a new project that made us all think about the need for independence when conducting research...the project is one instigated by a large well known branded treatment group who want to look at whether or not their approach will be suitable across cultures..

The project has the potential to do so much good and those instigating it demonstrate a sound commitment to improving lives and a prolific entrepreneurial ability but what emerged was the need for us to bracket off design, recruitment, data collection and dissemination in a way that maximises our independence from their interests, be them imagined or otherwise....

Many qual researchers will find themselves involved with branded treatments at some point in time...often qual researchers can do a great job latching on to RCT's for example, to uncover the subjective experience of participants, thus enriching and triangulating quant findings..we need to be careful though that these studies are truly exploratory rather than allowing for any bias unconsciously seeping in from the juggernaut of an established branded treatment..(see prior post on Situational Analysis)

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