Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Hints on Using Skype for Interviews

There are many occasions where you will want to interview your research participants by phone, especially when seeking people who live far away from your Uni or study site but how can this best be done? Whats the best way to record interviews done on the phone? How do you get quality without resorting to taping a speakerphone through the air?

Heres some hints thanks to a Sydney Psych research student PatrickL...

Skype can be used to make calls to landlines as well as to other Skype users.
If you use Skype to make a call, I can highly recommend using  Replay Telecorder to record the Skype session.
The software creates and MP3 or even an avi file if you decide to record video. I having been using it for a long time and it works well.
Cost is $30.  Skype to Skype calls sound quality is outstanding, but if respondent doesn’t have Skype, you can call their land line from Skype at a cost of 3c per minute.  Min. credit purchase is $16AUS.

thanks Patrick, this ones just for you!!!!!!!


  1. Pat. You are a legend.

  2. So helpful! Thank you!

  3. If you are interested in using interviews in Skype for research, See Online Interviews in Real Time for an extensive exploration of research design issues. This book includes discussions about the kinds of data you can collect, including a chapter on visual research. For examples, see Cases in Online Interview Research. Both are from Sage Publications. Also, visit my site for sample syllabi and other resources about teaching or conducting online interviews: www.vision2lead.com. On twitter #einterview.

    Janet Salmons

  4. There are also services like InterVu that enable researchers to conduct webcam in-depth interviews.

  5. Wow nice tips admin! id you dont mind, use skype emoticons here.