Saturday, 2 June 2012

Eschew obfuscation

Who'se fed up of reading methods papers that you cant understand or stay well away from notions of HOW YOU ACTUALLY DO IT!#$$%##

Me, for sure...Im voting for a rule that says you have to write a ten bullet point method to describe what you actually did in the method section of your paper so we can understand it..plus all papers about qual methods can only be one page long?? 

Philosophy and epistomological discussion is critical of course in qual research..thank god we dont take it for granted like quantitative researchers do, but some degree of structured guidelines are also needed..please......here's a joke to further elucidate

How do you propose marriage in postmodernish...
"Given that there is a traditional transcendence of social antinomy and polarity in a variety of culturally sanctioned paradigms of persisting mutuality and reciprocation; and given that a multiplicity of precedents in our interactions predispose one to envision the practicality and workability, and indeed the desirability, of our acquiescing in an appropriate mode of combating social antimony and polarity, it seems prudent that you and I launch the culturally-sanctioned paradigmatic transcendence of antimony and polarity such that the overall consequence will be a maximization of multiple utilities and benefits that are beyond the reach of the isolated and not uncommonly forlorn individual.”

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