Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Sneak Peak: Can Talking About Your own Childhood Make You a Better Clinician?

Just sending of a new paper, based on research conducted by a Doctorate student and many other collaborators..the study basically aims to answer the question as to whether or not reflective supervision, based on the clinicians family of origin, containing NO case material, helps make for better clinicians? This a pretty important debate given our tradition of giving psychoanalysts massive therapy vs the competency-based focus on much on clinical psychology training. There is certainly a push, especially in the Uk for personal development to be included in Clin Psych training, but we are lagging here downunder in this respect..

Family of Origin Coaching for Clinicians in a Tertiary Adolescent Mental Health Service

Background. The role of the therapist as a person rather than only as a technician has become increasingly important in family therapy since the post-modern turn. Despite this there is a paucity of research exploring supervision models that focus on self-reflection, as opposed to clinical competence. Method. This study documents the experience of a Family of Origin Coaching group, conducted with six clinicians and one supervisor working in a tertiary adolescent mental health service. A participatory action framework was used, with data analysed using grounded theory. Results. A variety of benefits were reported, including personal development, an enhanced empathy towards clients and an ability to better cope with stressful team dynamics. Conclusion. Family of Origin coaching has the potential to yield benefits for clinicians as a compliment to traditional supervision. Issues of confidentiality and safety need to be addressed carefully, especially during times of organisational change or stress.  

Here are a few choice photos to illustrate the point?

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